About Us

Tura Motor Sports Club (TMSC) is a registered club under Societies Act XII bearing registration number TSR/30/66 head quartered at Tura. TMSC was founded by few Motorsports enthusiast from Tura in the year 2015 with the objectives to plan, promote, develop, and conduct safe and legal motor sport events for participation by the membership and enjoyment by the general public. To bring hardcore Motorsports feat to the region and thereby also promoting the national integration as the competitors represents the vast expanse of the country.

The affairs of the “Tura Motorsports Club” is being managed by the governing body of the Club which consist of fourteen members comprising of a president, two vice presidents, a secretary, three joint secretaries, a treasurer, two publicity secretaries and four organising secretaries. All members are elected by general body through voting.

Over the past few years there has been phenomenal growth in ‘extreme sports’, particularly among the younger population. The term extreme sports encompass an ever growing range of adrenaline raising sports from white-water rafting to sky diving. It includes most high speed motor racing sports.

Changing lifestyles are pointing towards a particularly positive future for the extreme sports sector. This growth area is well recognised by some motor sport venues like Hornbill Festival (Nagaland), Arunachal Festival of Speed (Arunachal) and this is indicated in their expansion of facilities to offer ancillary activities such as, autocross, Sprint and off-road racing to widen  the appeal and meet the demands of Motor Sports enthusiasts of the north eastern states and  the country.

Although Motor Sports has been a popular activity within the region in the past, over recent years the frequency of events has diminished, not through lack of demands by Motor Sports enthusiasts but as a result of non availability of organisers and the main constraint being the financial. The lack of infrastructure at the basic level has been affecting the growth of the Motor Sports in the region. Tura Motor Sports Club has taken up the initiative to give a platform annually despite all the challenges.